Need Some Morning Meal Inspiration? Try These 7 Egg-Free Breakfasts

Eggs are an easy, delicious breakfast food and are good for lunch and dinner, too—especially now that we can get them without even cooking at Starbucks. But, unfortunately, they are pretty easy to get tired of day after day (with the exception of my mom’s quiche). If you’re looking for alternatives to eggs or want to try something new for breakfast, we gathered a few simple yet delicious recipes for you here.

Peanut Butter Banana Toast


Simple breakfast: peanut butter and banana on 7-grain toast from @clearflourbread, sprinkled wth cinnamon. 🍌🍞

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If you typically like to eat your eggs with toast, peanut butter toast topped with bananas is a quicker, simpler option for breakfast. Not only is spreading peanut butter on bread and slicing bananas much easier and less time consuming than frying an egg, it’s convenient. If you work in an office with a kitchen space, you can leave your ingredients (bread, bananas, peanut butter and the optional cinnamon sugar) there to make breakfast at the office, instead of when you’re rushing to work.

Avo Toast


Avocado toast + chili flakes AND chili honey glaze!!

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Avo toast is definitely in its prime right now, and to be honest, it probably will be for a while because it’s delicious. Similar to peanut butter banana toast, avocado toast is essentially effortless and filling. You can keep this breakfast as simple or complicated as you’d like. A simple avo toast recipe is pictured above with toast, smeared avocado, red chili flakes and a honey glaze, but there are crazier renditions of this breakfast. Avocado toast topped with a combination of beets, tomatoes, basil, grapefruit, ahi tuna, goat cheese, pistachios or whatever else you want—not all on the same piece of bread (gross!)—can be a tasty, healthy way to start your day.

Coconut Milk Kefir Bowl

Similar to eating eggs every day, having a piece of toast every day can get old. This combination of coconut milk kefir, almonds, peaches, blueberries and bananas provides a wholesome, nourishing breakfast meal—not to mention, it’s very pretty and Instagramable. If you don’t have all of the fruits pictured above, feel free to get creative and add in your favorite fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries or apples.



Cap’n Pebbles cravings, nightly

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Cereal is an age-old breakfast classic, despite recently being tossed aside for trendier breakfast items like Greek yogurt and overnight oats. Depending on the type of cereal you choose (maybe not the one Chrissy Teigen is eating here), you can start your day off with a great source of fiber and even protein, and not to mention calcium if you serve it with milk. If you shy away from cereal because you don’t drink milk, try replacing the milk with soy or almond milk. Vanilla Greek yogurt is another alternative.



Bagel with the works! Smoked Salmon and veggies galore on a house-made bagel. 💪🏽

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Bagels and lox are a go-to weekend brunch bite, but what’s keeping you from making your own lox during the week? You can purchase smoked salmon at nearly any grocery store and top it off with all the vegetables. Sprouts and cucumbers will give you a refreshing breakfast while tomatoes, red onions, tomatoes and capers will give you a traditional lox breakfast.

Green Smoothie

We like this smoothie not only because it reminds us of Kourtney Kardashian’s famous avocado pudding, but because it’s packed with protein and caffeine. This recipe comes from Adam Rosante, a Pure Protein Ambassador and the author of a smoothie book Super Smoothie Revolution, so you know it’s legit. This smoothie has raspberries, kefir (or Greek yogurt), fresh kale, iced coffee (or green tea), Pure Protein powder and avocado—making it the perfect energizing breakfast.

DIY Protein Bars


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