7 Snack Carriers For the Girl On-The-Go

Bringing plastic baggies to work everyday is not only messy and leaves you with cheez-it crumbs at the bottom of your bag, but it’s also extremely unsustainable in this day and age. Let’s keep it clean, convenient and environmentally conscious by using these fun snack containers that will keep your food fresh and your belly full through your workday!

LunchBots Condiment Containers

Need a little ranch for those carrots and celery sticks? Maybe you opted out of that snack because you were nervous for it spilling all over your new work bag. Well, problem solved! Forget that possible spillage situation with these handy leak proof stainless steel condiment containers from LunchBots. These guys will stay shut and keep your condiments fresh, so go all out with dressings, dips, oils or that side of guac. LunchBot’s Condiment Containers can handle it all.
LunchBots, $26 (set of 3)

Bento’s Bentgo Stackable Lunch Container

The trendiest lunch box on the market has everything you could ever ask for in a lunch box. Snacks on top, lunch on bottom, utensils smack dab in the middle – talk about convenient! With Bento’s Bentgo Stackable Lunch Container, you can go meal-prep crazy. Prep away and keep your food fresh and ready for munching!
Bento, $15

Avocado Hugger

Want to have a quickie avocado toast on the go and save the other half for that salad you prepped for lunch? Besides having easily the cutest name ever, the Avocado Hugger will keep your avocado fresh with its smooth silicon, easily washable, form fitting shape. Coming in two different sizes, you will be prepared to keep the other half of your avocado fresh regardless of the size of your delicious green fruit.
Uncommon Goods, $8

Compleat’s Food Skin

This foldable container lays completely flat when nothing is inside, so make a sandwich, pop it inside and marvel at how it keeps your food fresh and together. No loose lettuce or run away radishes for you! After you’ve munched it down, the container is flat once again and easy to throw in your bag without taking up much space at all!
Compleat, $25

Contain This Perfect Sandwich Lunch Carrier

This is officially the best sandwich container ever. Forget that soggy bread that gives us all nightmares, this airtight miracle container keeps your sandwich as fresh as when you first made it for hours after it’s creation. With that removable chill technology, you can keep your sandwich cool and ready to much! Isn’t that the sammie dream?
Contain This, $20

BlueAvocado (Re)Zip Seal Bags 5-Piece Lunch Kit

Re-sealable airtight baggies are for those little snacks that just still call for a baggie. Let’s be considerate to mother nature and our wallets. No need to run out and purchase tons of weak, non-reusable bags that are rarely recycled. Instead, use these reusable plastic bags that will not pop open in your purse and will keep your food fresh. They’re also very easy to clean which is a major plus!
BlueAvocado, $14

Boon Snack Ball

Okay. To be perfectly honest, this snack ball is meant for small children because the lid slides and won’t get lost between the car seat. However, let’s get real, how many lids have we all lost? Too many to count. So, let’s all accept that this is a great idea that will keep our food fresh, sealed and we won’t need to be replacing any lids.
Boon, $5

Fit & Fresh Container

Air-locked and divided. Keep your snacks organized, fresh and cool. This container is perfect for packing anything perishable like fruits & veggies because of the air-locking capabilities and keeping the food inside cool and fresh.
Fit & Fresh, $11

Ali Lizzi is a New York City based freelance fitness, health and beauty writer and an active member of the fitness community. She’s always up for discovering a new fitness studio to sweat in, flying to another city to travel to and eating any kind of vegan bites that she can get her hands on. Follow her journey on Instagram!