Meet the Best Barre and Pilates Instructors in San Diego

If pushing your muscles to the point of shaking beyond belief makes you feel like a rockstar, then you’ve probably a regular in these Barre or Pilates classes. After the outpour of nominations that we have received (thank you, thank you!), we’re excited to present the cream of the crop!

Ana Sepeta – Vida Pilates

Arliss Melton – Ashley Lane Fitness

Bri Blonigan – WundaBar Pilates

Ian Isles – Vida Pilates

Jen Cosco – Studio Barre

Jeska – Studio Barre

Yoga 6 – Belle + Barre

Marin Fisher – Vida Pilates

Megan O’Hargan – Studio Barre

Mike Jubara – Pilates Plus

Vanessa del Rosario – Powerhouse Pilates

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