Meet the Best Strength Instructors in New York

When taking time to make sure that strength training is a part of your regular fitness routine, you’re sure to have a balance that will not only keep your bod in tip top shape but your heart and lungs, too. After going through the outpour of nominations that we received (thank you all!), these are the best of the best in the big city. They’re all just a subway ride away:

Juan Hidalgo  – BFX FlexSystem

Aaron Thouvenin – SURFSET New York City

Alonzo Wilson – Tone House

Alyssa Rasul – Circuit of Change

Brian Delmonico – Circuit of Change

Brian Gallagher – Throwback Fitness

Corinne Fitzgerald – Mile High Run Club

Daury Dross – The Fhitting Room

Diana Garrett – SURFSET New York City

Evan Betts –  Tone House

Flex Cabral – Trooper Fitness

Heather Farmer – Solace

Hollis Lotharius – Mile High Run Club

Juan Hidalgo – BFX FlexSystem

Megan Sears – CBXT

Michael Meliniotis – Mile High Run Club

Sultan Malik – ConBody

Tomás Rodgers KORE

Will Arrufat  – CrossFit Spot

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