Here are the Best Cycling Instructors in New York

When you are in need of a class where you feel the burn pretty much immediately and also like you just took a shower after only your warmup, then cycling will be your new favorite. With so many worthy studios in the city and thousands of nominations (thank you all!), here is who you nominated as the most awesome instructors who will guide you through the ride of your life.

Alex Toussaint – Peloton

Ana Yanez – Flywheel

Ben Thompson – Flywheel

Christian Sjulsen – Torque Cycle  + Strength + Pilates

Christine D’Ercole – Peloton

Cody Rigsby – Peloton

Dyan Tsiumis – SWERVE Fitness

Elena Koshivaki – Cyc Fitness

Emily Burkhardt – Flywheel

Gigi Rippolone – ICE NYC

Iris Platt – Studio 360

Javier Hernandez – SYNCSTUDIO BKLYN

JC Durimel – AQUA Studio

Jonathan Carlucci – The Monster Cycle

Liz Van Voorhis – The Monster Cycle

Nowani Rattray – Flywheel

Steph Dietz – Cyc Fitness

Robert Ramsey  – ICE NYC


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