These Are the Best Boxing and HIIT Instructors in New York

When you know that nothing in the world feels better than being in a big room with a punching bag – you know it’s a boxing class kinda day. Thankfully, there are so many awesome instructors in the Big Apple that help their students focus on form, control and gaining strength from head to toe. The same goes for HIIT teachers, who train your heart rate to get uncomfortably high (and get your blood pumping for hours after class ends):

After receiving thousands of nominations (thanks guys!), this is who you put at the top of the list!

Andrea Saladino – Kettlebell Kickboxing

Andy Wegman – Body Space Fitness

Daphnie Yang – HIIT IT! by Daphnie Yang

James Brewer – Exceed Physical Culture

Maryam Zadeh – HIIT BOX

Michael Tosto – Title Boxing Club

Rage – Overthrow New York Boxing Club

Sergio – Overthrow New York Boxing Club

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