Want to Take Yoga in London? These Are the Best Instructors

With so many different types of yoga to fancy, we’ve had thousands of nominations (thank you all!) to go through! So, if you’re ready to get sweaty on your yoga mat, one of these super inspiriting instructors will guide you through a memorable practice that will tone, lengthen and leave you feeling a sense of peace no matter what part of your day you spend with them. 

Adrianna Zaccardi  – Union Station Yoga

Angus Ford-Robertson – Battersea Yoga

Anne-Mette Friis – Triyoga Camden

Clare Connolly – Indaba Yoga

Calli Popham – Stretch London

Elisa De Grey – Yoga on the Lane

Kelly McHugh – Good Yoga Life

Leo Lourdes – Yogasphere

Lewis Paris – FitMiBODY

Zara Miranda – Union Station Yoga

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