These Sandals Might Help You Get In Shape Just By Walking

Don’t lie – we’ve all dreamt at some point that our bodies somehow just worked out by themselves while we were sitting at the office or watching Netflix. While that will most likely never be possible, these futuristic sandals are probably the next best thing.

We know, they kinda look like something you might find by your grandma’s bedside, but these crazy looking sandals were actually part of the official Grammy’s gift bag. So, they’re probably hanging out by your favorite celebs bedsides instead.

What do they do?

Designed by renowned dance teacher Yuko Sumida Jackson, they allow for 360 degrees of movement to help target your core and improve body balance. Pretty awesome if you ask us.

Of course, they come with a high price tag attached. These MTG Jackson Walk Jet Lower Body Training Shoes are $214 and available at Japan Trend ShopAs a little added bonus, Madonna is MTG’s global ambassador, so chances are she has the same shoes in her closet.

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