Here Are the Best Instructors in Nashville

It’s time to get your body moving in the city that sings! There is something absolutely magical about Nashville and the way that these instructors teach is no different. After narrowing down the outpour of nominations that we received (thanks everyone!) we are ready to reveal the best of the best.

Byron Gregory – Results Fitness

Chris Byford – Shakti Power Yoga

Shakti Power Yoga – Shakti Power Yoga

Anne Marie Peterson – Barry’s Bootcamp

Kate Moore – GetFit615

Lauren Zoeller – Farenheit Yoga

Murn – Shakti Power Yoga

Nikki Jo Boston – Krank Fitness

Tamara Tweedy – Marathon Pilates

Lauren Beasley – Pure Barre

Rose Coppola – Results Fitness

Cody McDermott – Shed Fitness

Lisa Madden  – Springtime Fitness

Anne Marie Turan – Studio Novo

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