Meet the Best Instructors in Minneapolis/St. Paul

When hitting class in the Icebox of the United States you definitely want a workout that will push you to go all in so that you’re feeling nice and toasty, and these instructors will bring that awesome feeling to your body – head to toe!

After going through thousands of nominations (thank you all!), here are the best of the best instructors in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Kristi Schunk – weRow Indoor Rowing

Tish Watson – weRow Indoor Rowing

Zion Anderson – Surge Cycling

Kelsey Suardini  – Modo Yoga

Cecilie Bjerkenas – Lagree MSP

Cheryl Birch – Dollhouse Pole Studio

Christian Twigg – Awaken Pilates

Dori Johnson – PaddleSculpt

Karin Norby – Alchemy

Doug Melroe – The Firm

Erika Winkels – Tiger Fit

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