Meet the Best Instructors in Miami

When heading to class in “The Magic City” you have so many options! There are classes on the beach to indoor rides – all that get your heart pumping and a memorable workout.

After going through thousands of nominations (thanks everyone!), here is who you said is the best of the best in one of the most popular cities in Florida.

Adriana Lorenzo – The Pilates Place

Herve Doliska – Gravity Studio

Jote Kaur – Pilates On The Beach

Eddy Rosario – Flywheel Miami Beach

Steph Shames – RedBike

Angela Vinas – Exhale

Jay Marcos – Body and Soul Miami

Jennifer Sanchez – B Yoga

Lizzette Chiappy Eskert – Greenmonkey Yoga

Nicole Urribarri – Exhale

Pauline Case – Exhale

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