7 Empowering Words From Celebs to Keep You Motivated

Celebrities were not always celebrities. They picked a dream, a goal, a vision, and committed to it. They committed their whole selves to becoming exactly the person the saw themselves to be and never gave up. They embraced their talent, and perfected their craft through hard work and dedication. Although not all of us may have big dreams to be a superstar, many of us have goals of becoming our healthiest and best self. We may have goals to beat our time in the mile or run a marathon or even be able to pop into a handstand in a pinch. Whatever your goals may be, let these celebrities inspire you to achieve that dream of yours.


“I had a choice: to stand still or move forward. To let things happen or to make things happen. Every day I wake up, I make a choice not to let the world decide for me, I decide for me. I decide to get going.”

If you’re ever down and out, know that Beyonce was not built in a day. She always pushed forward to break boundaries and crush the music industry. Being the inspiring ladyboss she is, she is of course the first star we thought of to give us some inspiration on getting out there and making our dreams come true. Every single morning, you have the opportunity to bring a sense of commitment to achieving those goals and decide the future you have, instead of sitting idle and letting the world make decisions for you. Queen B never let the world decide who she was going to b. She decided exactly who she wanted to be and the goals she wanted to achieve. Today, this moment, you can get on the same path. Be you, the best you that you can imagine, and go after it.

Khloe Kardashian

“You never regret a workout, just the workout you didn’t do.”

This Kardashian was fed up with the negativity thrown at her. Not only did she eat a healthy diet and crush a stellar workout routine, she took her health and created a new television show, Revenge Body. Once she focused on her health, Khloe came into her own and allowed health and fitness to become such a focal point in her life. Moreover, she wanted to give that same feeling to others out there who may struggle with their weight and feel criticized for it by those who were supposed to support them. Although we never support revenge, we do promote body positivity and health. Feeling confident in who you are is just as important as your physical health, so get out there and go for the Pilates class. Engage that core and be proud of who you are at the core.

Selena Gomez

“If you don’t have big dreams and big goals, you’ll end up working really hard for someone who does.”

Yas, Selena! You are worth having big dreams and big goals. You are fully capable of achieving those grand dreams and goals, so what’s stopping you from having them and crushing them? If you want to be able to pop into headstand as simply as pouring a cup of tea, then every day hit the mat and practice. The process is how you crush those dreams. Don’t simply like every instagram picture of those amazing yogis going into handstands to trendy music, practice and embrace each step to getting yourself there. This applies to just about every dream or goal you may have, the only thing that is stopping you is you. So get out there and dream big!

Emma Watson

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do or achieve. Do what you want to do and be who want to be.”

Emma Watson, PREACH. As always, the stunning star is out there being more than just a childhood star. She used her platform to launch an incredible acting career, become an UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and a badass women’s activist in her short 26 years of life. She could have let her stardom that blossomed in Harry Potter  define her. Instead, she took control of who exactly she wanted to be and went for it. Now, she so eloquently empowers other women to do the same and constantly fights to give many more girls and women rights and freedoms they are denied. Do not let what people think of you define you—you are able to be anyone you want to be.

Dwayne Johnson

“Success isn’t overnight. It’s when every day you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.”

Once again, the idea of embracing the process is hit here in Dwayne Johnson’s sentiment. Talk about a man who crushed goals and broke boundaries. With rippling pectorals and bulging muscles, this man created a body that was literally labeled as The Rock. However, those were not his only dreams. He wanted to be an actor, and surprisingly, he turned out to be the most endearing of men whose outside image did not restrict him from taking roles that would show his sensitive side. He had to work to get there, and to separate himself from the box that many of us may have placed him in. Step outside of your box, and create the person you want to be and allow yourself the time to get there. You will get there.

Alicia Keys

“Everything that you want to be, you already are, and you are simply on the path of discovering it.”

We are pretty certain that Alicia Keys was a well-known guru in a past life because everything she says inspires us to continue pushing to being our best self. She gives us a gentle reminder that the power that we often search for to inspire us to begin a new challenge is actually already there. There is no need to search for the power, you already have all the power you need to achieve the goals that you yearn for. You just need the dedication. You’ve got this. All of us, and Alicia, believes in you. What more could you ask for?

Gabby Douglas

“Hard days are the best because that’s when champions are made.”

Take it from the Olympian herself: love every tough moment because those moments add up to making you a champion—a fabulous, powerful champion. Even on those days when you’re not feeling like a champion, know that you will learn from your practice and grow to become everything you hope and dream to be. Commit to your goals, and you will become the champion that we all know you can be.

These celebrities never for a moment let anyone other than themselves define who they are, they believed in their talents and went for it. If you have a dream, make it happen for yourself through commitment, dedication and believing in yourself. You’ve got this!  

Ali Lizzi is a New York City based freelance fitness, health and beauty writer and an active member of the fitness community. She’s always up for discovering a new fitness studio to sweat in, flying to another city to travel to and eating any kind of vegan bites that she can get her hands on. Follow her journey on Instagram!