20 Thoughts Everyone Has While Exercising at Home

Work’s been crazy, you have errands on errands on errands, and you’re still at least trying to have some sort of a social life. With the constant back and forth, you have been running around enough to stay in shape without even needing to lift a single weight.

Finding the time to keep up a fitness routine is becoming becoming harder and harder these days. While working out at home is an easy solve for most with packed schedules and crazy lives, it isn’t always as seamless as it looks on those infomercials.

Here are the 20 thoughts we can almost guarantee you’ve had at least once while working out at home. So go lace up your sneakers, turn on the TV, and prove us right. And hey, watch out for that coffee table.

1) “This is going to be great—I don’t even need to leave the house!”

Says everyone who has ever worked out at home, ever.

2) “Ugh, but the living room seems so far at 6 a.m.”

Everyone also said that.

3) “OK, no, this will be great. I get to pick out a video of whatever workout I want!”

True, the options are pretty endless here. And all you need is a remote. Or a laptop. Or whatever the cool kids who workout at home use these days.

4) “Wait, but now I have to decide…yoga? Or maybe Pilates? Or ooh, what’s this one?”

So. Many. Options.

5) “Hmm, yoga it is! But, wait, shoot…will my mat fit here?”


6) “I’m sure my roommate won’t mind I moved the couch over to the kitchen just for an hour.” 

She’ll be happy once some of my endorphins rub off on her, right? Roommate perk!

7)“Plus, it’s actually a nice spot to sit at while you wait for your coffee to brew”

Wait, this is actually a genius idea. Someone call Ikea.

8) “Okay, downward dog. Hopefully my neighbors don’t walk past my window. Good thing I wore my cute yoga pants today”


9) “Ooh, I should stop at the store after work. I could use some more workout gear if I’m going to work out at home more.”

In other words, I have a fitness shopping addiction and will find any excuse to buy more workout gear.

10) “Think my roommate can hear me saying motivational phrases to myself?”

Breathe. You can do this. Just a little bit longer. YOU GOT THIS GIRL.

11) “Nah, she’s a heavy sleeper”

Here’s hoping!

12) “Note to self: buy roommate headphones when stopping at the store later.”

And maybe an extra mat so she can do it with me next time?

13) “Here we go. Headstand time”

Alright, halfway there. C’mon!

14) “Wow, my apartment sure looks different upside down. Is that a spider?”

Talk about yoga giving you some new perspectives, amirite?

15) “Note to self: Buy cleaning supplies while at the store.”

Focus less on your shopping list and more on the breath.

16) “Wow, this is not easy. Why did I think this was easy just because I’m still wearing my pajama top?”

Because pajamas tops are so deceiving like that.

17) “Yup, that’s my cute neighbor. Definitely saw me in tree pose. Maybe I should ask him to do a video with me for extra motivation.”

Couples that work out together, stay together. Just sayin’.

18) “Note to self: Replace the pajama top with a workout tank next time”

Now back to that shopping list…

19) “Okay, breathe. You and this spider are going to get through this together!”

He’s officially been named “Ermie.”

20) “Namaste…wait that’s it? Already?”

Eh, maybe I’ll keep it there while I brew my coffee. And maybe do another video?

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Stephanie Limiti is a born and raised New Yorker living out her dreams of palm trees and sunshine in Los Angeles. When she's not zenned out in yoga class, she's reading biographies and volunteering at dog rescue shelter. Follow her on Instagram.