You’ll Probably Be Surprised That Your Veggie Burger Can Do This

After a hard class, we all make sure to down a high-protein snack because it helps repair muscle and recover. Until now though, science wasn’t so sure if plant-based proteins had the same impact on our bodies as well as meats do. This new study tells us that our fave veggie burgers have the same impact on our muscles as meats do.

Yes, today is a great day for vegetarians!

The study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at the health records of 3,000 men and women ages 19 to 72. Food questionnaires filled out by the participants helped researchers estimate their daily protein intake and their dietary percentages coming from different sources (i.e. fast food, meat, legumes, etc). Lastly, they looked at their lean muscle mass, bone mineral density, and quadriceps strength (important for fitness, health, and better functioning, as we get older).

Their findings: the people who ate the least amount of protein had the lowest levels of muscle mass and strength. However, the type of protein they ate didn’t have any impact on musculoskeletal health, for men or for women.

So go ahead, order the veggie burger and enjoy it!

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