8 Active Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Friends, a Date or Yourself

As the saying goes: those that workout together, stay together. So when the season of conversation hearts and sappy Instagrams roll around, why not ditch the dinner and a movie V-day plans and do something a bit more…physical?

Exercising with a partner is not only way more fun, it also brings you two much closer together (sometimes, literally). By putting yourselves in a challenging situation physically, you two will be forced to let down your guard and bond in ways you never have before.

So whether you’re with your S.O. or hanging with your single girlfriends this year, here’s some of our favorite fit-ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

Go ice skating together 

There’s nothing more romantic than gliding (or let’s face it…possibly slipping and sliding) all over the ice rink with your S.O. to keep you warm and toasty. Even if you two aren’t quite ready to conquer pirouettes, the cool breeze and uneasiness underneath your feet are the perfect excuse to hold hands and stay close.

Sign up for a Valentine’s Day race

Whether you’re spending V-Day with the love of your life or simply hanging with your girlfriends, there’s no better way to show some love than giving back through a charity race. There are loads of St. Valentine’s Day races that raise money to helping others, so grab some red or pink workout pants and spend some extra date nights (or GNO nights) prepping for the big day.  

Learn how to salsa dance

Nothing’s sexier than throwing on a flowy dress and some flirty heels and dancing the night away with your S.O. For some V-Day inspo, try signing up for a partner dance class, like salsa. Even if you’re a pro or have two left feet, doing something physical and out of your routine will get your night heated up quickly – literally.

Take a hike

There’s nothing better than spending the holiday on a romantic getaway, but that doesn’t mean you have to jet off somewhere far. If you live somewhere warm, grab your Valentine (or your bestie) and take a road trip to visit the great outdoors and grab some fresh air. There’s nothing more romantic than seeing some breathtaking views together – except maybe reaching the top as a team.

Try partner yoga

Holding each other up and intertwining your limbs…um, how else would you want to spend Valentine’s Day? And yes, we’re talking about partner yoga…

If you’re looking for something to literally bring you and your partner together, why not spend V-day doing something good for your bodies and relationship? Don’t forget to snag a photo of your favorites poses; it’ll be a Valentine’s you’ll never forget. 

Spend the day rock climbing

Fancy dinner with some candles can get old, real quick. Especially if this isn’t your first V-day with your date, it can be hard to find something fun and interesting to do together. Indoor rock climbing is a weather-proof date that can be both challenging and, let’s face it, totally hot. Pushing your partner to reach the top and seeing what the two of you can accomplish together is more of a turn-on than you may think. Or, you can always see who can race to the top first. Nothing like a little friendly competition to spice things up this holiday.

Book a pole dancing class with your girlfriends

Just because you’re rockin’ V-Day solo this year doesn’t mean you can’t have a sexy, date night with your friends. Channel your inner goddesses and sign up for a pole dancing class together. By the end of the night, your abs will be hurting from the workout and from the laughter.  

Take a solo restorative yoga class

Let’s face it: whether you’re single or not, not everyone’s into the whole Valentine’s Day spiel. There’s nothing wrong with opting out of chocolates and fancy dates and instead spending the day solo. Use this Valentine’s Day to show some love to yourself and zen out with a restorative yoga class. Bliss out, show your body some love and zap away the holiday stress. Oh, and we won’t blame you if you continue celebrating with some vino and a bubble bath afterwards either…

Stephanie Limiti is a born and raised New Yorker living out her dreams of palm trees and sunshine in Los Angeles. When she's not zenned out in yoga class, she's reading biographies and volunteering at dog rescue shelter. Follow her on Instagram.