This Bar Created a Secret Drink to Protect Women On Bad Dates

With so much swiping left and right these days, we are bound to end up in a bar on a blind date at some point. And if you feel uncomfortable with a stranger, it can be tough to get yourself out of the situation without making your date angry.

Thankfully, The Iberian Rooster, a bar in St. Petersburg, Fla., has created a secret drink order that will make sure all women in their establishment are always safe. Wow. 

When a woman walks into a bathroom stall, they will see the below sign on the back of the door, giving them instructions.

Here’s how it works: if you’re on a bad date and you feel unsafe, you order an angel shot. If you order it neat, a bartender will escort you to your car. Order it with ice and a bartender will call an Uber or a taxi. Order it with lime and they’ll call the police.

“The goal for this place was to be a safe place where people can go on a romantic date,” Iberian Rooster owner Russell Andrade said to the Tampa Bay Times. “We don’t want someone else to ruin a good a time.”

We think this is genius and we hope that all bars follow suit.

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