There’s Now a Ratio Calculator to Determine if You’re Running Too Much

If you’re a runner, you probably find yourself often relating an injury to packing on way too many miles over a certain period of time. While that could be true, sport scientists have recently been rethinking this belief. But then the question becomes: how much is too much running?

Finally, a ratio calculator is her that will let you know just this.

According to Runner’s World, the theory is this: lots of training, as is running many miles each week can actually serve as a “vaccine” in a way – strengthening your body to avoid injury. But until now, there was no definite way to calculate how much to run to avoid injury or if you’re running too much in general.

The calculation works like this according to Runner’s World: “The acute-to-chronic training ratio compares your mileage for the last week to your average weekly mileage for the last four weeks. If you’ve run 50, 40, 50, and 60 miles in the past four weeks, your ratio is 60 (last week’s mileage) divided by 50 (average of last four weeks). That’s 1.2.”

Their findings? Injury risk starts at the 1.2 ratio point and is much greater when you get to the 1.5 point.

Since every runner is different, you need to figure out what works best for you, but finally having this guide handy gives you a great starting point in your training.

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