You Guys: Pizza Vending Machines Are Here

Whether America is ready or not, pizza ATMs just might be rolling out across the United States and we are so excited we could burst. They are reported to be shipped nationwide and to Canada as early as this month and we’re so ready to get in line and test out the cheesy goodness.

Here’s how it works: they are 24 hour machines (so yes…24/7 pizza for all) and they store dough in a refrigerated section, which has been fermented for two days, par-baked and with eight different toppings. You will place your order via touchscreen and your choice will simply move from the cool section to a convection oven where it’s cooked and placed in a cardboard box.

This is all completed in a matter of three minutes – so it definitely beats delivery.

Each machine cost $55,000 and they are, of course, being marketed towards college students. The pies will only cost you $9 though, so we vote to give this a try for your next cheat meal.

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