For Real: This Restaurant Will Pay You To Eat Soup

If you live in Chicago, where the temperatures will undoubtedly reach below zero temps, you’re in luck. Mather LifeWays, a cafe with three different locations is offering a great deal: they will pay you to eat soup if temperatures reach below zero.

Here’s how it works: whatever the day’s temperature forecast is, that’s the price for the bowl of soup. For instance, Friday it was predicted to be 14 degrees, so the soup cost 14 cents (plus tax). So whenever negative temperatures are predicted, you’ll walk away with a little extra change in your wallet.

Get it?

The prices are based on the Chicago Tribune weather forecast, to keep things rid of confusion.

The restaurant’s assistant manager Beth Zoeller, told Mashable, “We’re true to our word.” She also shared that some people have gladly pocketed the change, while others have refused it. Either way, we think this is a pretty fun way to keep warm on crazy cold days.

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