Follow Friends, Update Your Profile and More: ClassPass is Now Social!

When it comes to setting (and beating!) a fitness goal, finding the motivation to make it to class or trying a workout that’s outside of your go-to favorite classes, there’s nothing like a friend to push you a little harder. Whether you like to break a sweat with your friends by your side or simply need a little inspiration (and motivation!) outside of class, you can now connect with your workout buddies, directly through your ClassPass app!

From discovering your friend’s favorite classes or booking class together, here’s everything you need to know about our new friend features on iOS:

Stay Connected

Has your friend been talking nonstop about that new hot yoga studio downtown? Or wonder how your friend so effortlessly builds muscle at his favorite CrossFit studio?  Discover new favorites by checking out what studios your friends are loving. And hey, you can even suggest a workout over a happy hour at a studio you already know they’ve double-tapped. And you know what they say, “great minds think (and ahem – exercise!) alike.”

Take Your Friendship To The Next Level

Booking classes with friends has never been easier. If you’re looking at their profile and notice that an upcoming class you both have been dying to take has availability, you and your friend can book it together. We’re not kidding — it’s really that simple. You even have the option to share each of your upcoming classes with friends so they can see what you’re taking and sign up if it strikes their fancy (or they just want another excuse to hang out with you).

Update Your Profile

Don’t forget to update your profile page! While you can connect to Facebook to find your friends who are ClassPass members, updating your profile with an image will personalize your profile make it easier to find and connect with pals. Bonus points if you choose an image of you in boxing class, striking a yoga pose by the beach or with a proud runner’s medal at the finish line.

You Choose The Size of Your Squad

Stay as private — or as public — as you’d like. It’s your ClassPass experience and you can completely tailor it to you. If you’re a little more private, you can keep it that way by checking out your privacy settings. You can decide if you want your past classes to be public so your friends can get inspired or turn them off to keep it to yourself. The same goes with upcoming classes: if you turned down a dinner invitation because you really needed to take a tough class to release stress, your friends never have to know.

Ready to get started? Opt-in now for iOS (Android is coming soon!) Don’t forget to tell your friends to do the same!

(Psst: any questions? No sweat – check this out.) 


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