There’s Now An App… For Your Hair

Did you ever think there would be an app… for your hair? Welp, there is. 

Professional haircare brand, Kerastase, paired up with electronic company Withings to produce a brush so sophisticated that it even has a built-in microphone so you can listen to your hair.

You can’t make this stuff up.

What does it actually do? The brush is designed to be your own person hair coach. Sensors work to detect your hair health with each brush by monitoring your brushing patterns. The microphone seriously listens to each stroke and will help you battle things like dryness, frizziness and split ends. It can even detect if your hair is wet or dry and if you are brushing too hard.

Then of course, the data is transferred directly to an app on your phone. Surprise, surprise.

While this might be a bit over the top, you have to admit that you’re a little bit curious, right? We guess we’ll have to wait until it’s released in mid-2017 (projected to cost $200) to find out what our hair would say if it could talk.

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