3 Ways to Fall Back in Love With Fitness Again

It happens all the time — life gets in the way and you take a few days off from your fitness routine. All of a sudden, the thought of going to a class is at the bottom of the list of things you want to do. I get it! If you want to get back into the swing of things, here’s my advice. 

Mix it up in the studio

When kicking of a new fitness routine (or continuing an existing program!) it’s great to mix up your workouts to keep your brain engaged as well and challenge your body in new ways. I love visiting new studios all San Francisco and trying different classes to see what piques my interest.  On any given week I’ll be throwing punches in boxing class like Muhammad Ali, perfecting my arabesque in barre class like a prima ballerina, or get down and dirty in boot camp like a military recruit.

Dress the part

As a fashion blogger, I love expressing my personal style through clothing and that includes my workout gear as well!  Shopping for sweat-wicking and performance enhancing clothing can be very motivational to get up for an early morning workout or give you extra incentive to book that late-night yoga session.  I opt for clothing in a variety of colors in patterns to keep things fresh and looking good—even while getting sweaty!

Detox to restore and rebalance  

Oftentimes, we overindulge during the holidays (hello appetizer trays!) and we need to reset and rebalance our bodies while getting back into healthy eating habits.  One of my favorite ways to detox is a one to three-day juice cleanse—giving my body organic and fresh vegetable and fruit juices to give me a boost of essential vitamins and minerals.  I know green juice can look a bit intimidating at first glance, but so many local juicerys serve up a great mix of ingredients for a powerful and flavorful dose of healthy goodness!  A green juice after Bikram yoga is one of my favorite ways to rehydrate and balance my body—so good!


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