Let ClassPass Be Your Goalmate This New Year!

The new year brings new goals and new perspectives. It’s a time to reflect on the year that’s now behind you and look forward to a better and stronger you.

You know what else the new year brings? New year’s resolutions. We don’t know about you, but making a resolution is easy — keeping it is a lot harder. This year, it’s going to be different.

Whatever your goals, big or small, we’re here to help you. For the month of January, ClassPass is going to be your goalmate. What’s a goalmate? Think of it as your partner when it comes to staying accountable. We’ll be your goalmate, helping make sure you stay committed to whatever resolutions, goals or positive life choices you set. And we’ll dole out some extra motivation as you set your intentions for the first four weeks of the year.

Ready to commit?

All you need to do is fill out this form and share your goal with us and we’ll check in to see how you’re doing. You can also update us on your progress by using #ClassPassGoalmate on social media.

Ready for 2017?! Let’s crush your goals…together!

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