Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Vancouver

From the beautiful scenery to the plentiful outdoor activities, what’s not to love about working out in Vancouver? If you’re looking to book a class with a truly inspiring and awesome instructor, look no further: We asked, and you told us who was the best in your city. That’s why we’re so excited to announce this year’s Most Moving Instructor in Vancouver.

Take a class with them soon! (And psst: to see who won in every city, check this out.)

Naomi Joy
Instructor at Seacity Fitness

van-naomi-joyShe makes you feel at home.
“Naomi is extremely welcoming every time you have a class with her. When you think you’ve mastered her class—BOOM!—she changes it up to challenge and push you even further. She is motivating and encouraging, and that is why I find her so inspiring.” -Katy

She always has a great attitude.
Naomi is always in a good mood. What makes her class special is that she personalizes exercises if I have issues due to previous injuries. She comes up with variations or even a different exercise. She motivates, joins in on the exercises, makes me continue when I think I am done. She is very tentative to make sure everybody has the right posture and movement.” -Birgit W.




Lucy Ulmer
Instructor at Spin Society
Second Year in a Row Winner!

van-lucy-ulmerShe makes a difference. 
She is so energetic and motivational. After each class, I feel a new person and ready for whatever I have to do!” -Yongyi T.

She encourages you.
“She has the most inspiring and motivational speeches that she busts out every class. They always seem to come at the perfect moment in my life, when I most need to hear them. There are literally times while cycling that I almost cry during one of these speeches. Her message resonates that much!” -Carolina H.


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