Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Toronto

Do you get your sweat on in Toronto? Lucky for you, there are thousands of fitness instructors across the city. We asked ClassPassers in Toronto to nominate the instructors who move, inspire and encourage them—and now it’s time to share the results.

Here are the winners of instructors of the year for 2016. You’ll want to sign up for their classes pronto! (And psst: to see a full list of the winners in every ClassPass city, check this out.)

Gill Munn
Instructor at Elle Fitness and Social

toronto-gill-munnShe encourages you.
“Gill is my hero. She is so energetic and encouraging! I love taking her classes, and it’s always an amazing workout.” – Lee F. 

She empowers you. 
Gill is, to put it simply, the best instructor at the best fitness studio in Toronto. She builds engaging, high-energy, high-impact classes that challenge you beyond your biggest fears, and make you feel accomplished beyond your wildest dreams. I always know that after going to one of her classes, I will leave feeling strong, empowered and grateful for the time that I spent on my body.” Kristen K. 

Her energy is contagious.
 “She is funny, truthful and motivating.” – Jane A. 




Jeffery Ford 
Instructor at Studio Lagree – King Street

toronto-jeffrey-fordHe is positive.
“He is always positive, smiling and motivating. He will gently assist you if your form isn’t correct and pushes you to go a little further. It helps that he plays the best music during workouts. He is such a positive person and truly makes my Lagree workouts ones that I look forward to.” – Donna L. 

He changes you.
“A great, bright, beam of energy! I have worked with plenty of instructors, and he is, by far, the most fun, challenging and motivating! If you try Lagree and it’s not your cup of tea,  I would strongly suggest trying it with Jeff because it’s a totally different experience!” – Marina 

He brightens the room.
“Jeffery always has a positive attitude and encourages and motivates the entire class to push themselves as much as they can. He offers inspiring words with every lesson and always has a great smile that fills the entire room!” – Mandi


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