Most Moving Instructors of the Year: San Diego

If you work out in sunny San Diego, then this is for you. Whether you’re surfing in the Pacific Ocean or breaking a sweat in your favorite workout class, San Diego is a fitness lover’s paradise—well, it’s paradise for just about anyone. Regardless, it’s  safe to say that San Diego has an array of fitness classes available for ClassPassers.

We asked for San Diego ClassPassers to nominate the instructors that encourage, inspire and move them—and here are the results. For a list of the top instructors worldwide, click here

January Newland
Instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp


She taught me to love myself. 
“January is one of those instructors who are equal parts drill sergeant and motivational speaker! Her classes have pushed me to limits, and she’s changed the way I eat to fuel my body. She reminds me daily that I am strong and fierce. She inspires me to be the best version of myself, which makes her the absolute best fitness trainer out there!” -Miriam B. 

She encourages me.
“January pushes us to be our best both inside and outside the studio. She encourages women to be strong and happy in their own skin by promoting physical health along with mental and emotional well-being. She inspires us and motivates us to feel and look our best by building a community we can all be proud to be a part of.” -Stephanie R. 

She pushes me.
“She always makes her students feel strong and fearless. She pushes us and supports us at the same time. She helps us power our bodies, minds and spirits.” -Laura H. 


Paul Fishman
Instructor at SPARKCYCLE
Second year in a row winner!


He makes my day brighter.
“He has a great positive energy and focuses on self-improvement and pushing ourselves past our limits to be proud of our strength and accomplishments rather than how our bodies look. He’s also incredibly entertaining and funny. I love going to his class—it sets a positive mentality for the rest of my day.” -Melanie M. 

His energy is infectious. 
“Paul has the most incredible energy and positive attitude, even at 6 a.m.! SPARK Cycle classes are 45 minutes of excruciating exhilaration, but when Paul is leading the class it feels like you’re in a dance club with your best friend instead of killing yourself on a spin bike. I wish every studio had a ‘Paul’ who could inspire its members.” -Kelly C. 

He prioritizes fun. 
“He told us to ‘put a ring on our destiny’ while blasting a ‘Single Ladies’ remix. Enough said.” -Audrey



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