Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Philadelphia

It’s no surprise that the City of Brotherly Love shared a lot of love for the fitness community. When it comes to taking classes that really get your heart rate going, make you want to come back for more and shape your life in and outside of the 60-minute sweat sesh, these instructors really raise the bar. That’s why you voted to name them the most moving instructors in Philadelphia. 

Take a class with them ASAP! (And psst: to see who won in every city, check out this!)

Dana Auriemma
Instructor at Freehouse Fitness Studio

phil-dana-auriemmaShe personalizes every workout.
“Dana does an excellent job making all class members welcome and pushing them to the best of their own personal ability. She does the perfect amount of coddling as well as tough love. She provides personal positive reinforcement, as well as constructive feedback in a discreet and clear way. When she is giving you feedback, it’s clear exactly what needs to be tweaked to fix your form or improve your workout. She is building a strong workout that varies every time I attend, and fostering a positive community among all.” -Cindi C.

She makes sure form is a priority. 
“Dana is a stickler about form, ensuring I get the most out of each class. She is able to clearly explain the way movements should feel and which muscles we are working. She’s friendly, learns her clients names and seems to have a real passion for teaching. All of this makes her classes challenging and enjoyable!” -Michelle D.

She keeps class interesting.
“Dana is so encouraging and full of energy, from greeting clients at the front desk and throughout class. She makes new clients feel welcome and comfortable and remembers returning clients. I’ve never attended a class that felt the same as the last. She’s amazing at switching up workouts and keeping you on your toes. Even when a class is full, she watches each client to make sure they’re moving correctly. I never know how she keeps up with it all (as the studio owner, too) because one class definitely kicks my butt, but I can’t wait to get back for the next one!” -Anna E.

Devon Lutz
Instructor at Thrive Pilates

phil-devon-lutzShe makes everyone feel at home.
“She is encouraging and very kind to beginners, makes clients feel included and welcome.” –Leelah J.

She knows her jams.
“I love how there is always a really great soundtrack for her classes! The music beat is synchronized with the movements, and it’s always such a killer workout.” -Michelle A.


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