Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Los Angeles

If you work out in the City of Angels, you battle a lot to make it to class โ€”or really, just the traffic. But when you’re not waiting in line, you’re hitting those combos in boxing, working up a sweat in indoor cycling or striking a pose in yoga. But what makes a good class a great one is the instructor, and these are the ones you named the best in Los Angeles. 

Take a class with them ASAP! (And psst: if you want to see who won in every ClassPass city, check this out.)

Kasseem Osheroff
Instructor at Burn 60 and Circuit Works

la-kasseem-osheroffHe brightens your day.
He brings so much energy, passion and enthusiasm to class. No matter how tired and stressed out I am when I show up, I leave his class in a great mood. He customizes the workout to my level of fitness. He motivates and inspires me to go to the next level. He constantly mixes it up so I never get bored. He is my favorite fitness instructor in ClassPass!” -Rebecca W.

He always has so much energy.
His energy is boundless and his knowledge about training makes it easier to understand how to execute the exercises and which muscles to engage. He genuinely encourages everyone in class. He’s an inspiration and a joy to be around.” -Ana A.

He takes time to get to know everyone.
Kasseem is the biggest motivator with the biggest heart. He connects with every single person taking his classes, and always pushes you to your limit, but is always so understanding and helping if you need to slow down the pace or take a break. I’ve been privileged to know Kasseem for 16 years, but it wasn’t until I started taking his classes that I realized what a true talent and asset he is to not only myself and achieving my goals, but to everyone he instructs!” -Kendall

Sarah Shelton
Instructor at Cycle House and Fitmix Studio

la-sarah-sheltonShe lifts everyone’s spirits.
Sarah is always in a good mood, always upbeat! She has the absolute best playlist for anytime of the day and is always incredibly encouraging.” -Latifa

She changed my life.
Sarah has been a rock for me in times when I’ve been really low. When I moved to LA, I knew one person and had no idea where to find new friends. I found Sarah at Cycle House, and I’ve been friends with her for two years. I’ve had some of the most trying times since I’ve moved here, and Sarah has supported me through all of them. She’s been a friend, mentor, coach and inspiration. She has the kindest heart and more strength than most of us. She has been going through knee issues this year and never once has she let it stop her from being her positive and motivational self. Sarah is a superhero and she deserves every accolade.” -Agnieszka M.

She pushes youโ€”in a good way.
She pushes you hard as f*** to get you out of your comfort zone, but not to the point where you would see a person negatively (I don’t know that anyone would see a trainer like that, but you never know). She’ll stick me in the front row of the spin class when she knows I need the extra motivation, and she’s always so positive in class. She remembers you the first time, which is one thing I love in an instructor.” -Lianne S.


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