Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Denver

Do you live—and work out—in the Mile High City? You’re in luck because Denver has a variety of fitness classes with exceptional instructors. ClassPassers in Denver recently nominated stand out instructors who inspire, encourage and move them.

Here are the top two instructors of 2016 in Denver. If you want to see what you’re missing out on, then sign up for a class, stat. Click here to check out the winners in the other cities.

Amy Bancroft
Instructor at Hot Mamas Exercise and Pearl Street Fitness


She empowers me.
“Amy always has difficult classes that are manageable for athletes at all levels. She always reminds everyone to keep good posture and good form, and to take breaks as needed. That said, her classes are always packed with a variety of movements, and she changes it up from week to week. Her playlists keep everyone moving, and she often does the movements with us, with perfect form and while still yelling encouragements to the class. Amy is a ball of positivity, and promotes sisterhood and building each other up as women. As long as everyone is working hard, the rest doesn’t matter.” -Anna 

She encourages me.
“Amy is one of the most motivating instructors I’ve ever had. She designs workouts that challenge you mentally and physically. At the same time, Amy is empowering and encouraging. She gives you shout-outs in class when she sees you working particularly hard, and pushes you forward when you are really struggling. Amy brings immense energy to every workout and creates an atmosphere of respect and compassion. I adore her!” – Jessica B. 

She encourages me.
“Amy is great at motivating her class participants with her positive attitude and encouraging comments. Amy always makes me feel like I can conquer the world, even if I am just holding plank.”– Savanna B. 

Jasmine Anderson
Instructor at Rhythm Revolution


She inspires me.
“Jasmine is a rock star. She believes in her studio and the mission of the studio to the core of her soul, and her passion shows in everything she does. She is also so approachable and kind, giving the best pep talks in class and outside. I think everyone should attend her classes if they want to feel inspired, motivated and a wave of kindness!” -Chelsea D.

She raises the bar.
“Her spin classes are amazing! The music is always on point. It feels like a yoga flow with the music the way the climbs and sprints pair with the beats. She is always motivating and welcoming to new or returning students. There are always a few moments or songs of introspection that help push me through and reset my energy for the day and week. Jasmine always takes the time to adjust people’s bikes and make adjustments and queues to prevent injuries. Jasmine, you’re building an amazing community!” -Angela P. 

Her passion is at the forefront.
“Jasmine is a charismatic motivator who knows her stuff. She finds the perfect way to use her fitness knowledge base and blends it to the motivating and moving sounds of music. She provides space to ‘be at the level where you are,’ but also cues us to push for greatness, even when some days that means accepting taking a breather. In all my spin and yoga classes taken, I have never loved working out more! (Oh, and did I mention, she live spins her own beats during the workout? That is the definition of passion!)” – Natalie G. 

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