Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Dallas

If Dallas is the place you call home, then you know a thing or two about working out in the City of Eternal Spring. And while you can take everything from Pilates to boot camps in Dallas, what makes a class great is the instructor. That’s why we’re so pumped to announce the most moving fitness teachers in Dallas. Best of all? You voted to name them the best!

Book a class with these top two, ASAP! (And psst: to see who won in every ClassPass city, check this out.)

Sharif Abboud
Instructor at BURN Dallas

dal-sharif-abboudHe is always at his best.
“Sharif is the best of the best. Day in and day out, no matter what the circumstances, he constantly is pushing each and every one of his clients to their limits and beyond. Whether it be a cardio class, boot camp, or olympic lifting class, he is there to help you and gives you advice on how to get better each time. His shout-outs during class give each of his clients the motivation to push themselves even further than they thought possible. On top of the face-to-face interaction, the man spends countless hours after work and on the weekends creating fitness and nutrition plans for his clients. He also holds private boot camps for the Mavs, Cowboys and Stars dancers as well. There’s a very simple reason why people call him ‘The Man’ and why he is recommended by people all over the area.” -Jenna L.

He makes everything possible.
“I’ve never had a better workout than what I get with Sharif! He constantly motivates me to go faster and lift more than I ever think is possible for myself. He sincerely believes in his clients’ abilities and his own process. The combination of his knowledge, style and genuine concern for each person in his class cannot be beat, and there is no better motivator!” -Esther Y.

Charry Morris
Instructor at Plum Yoga

dal-charry-morrisShe makes everyone at ease.
Charry has the ability to make you feel extremely comfortable while also pushing your mental limits. I love taking any relaxation class with her because I always am able to find, accept and release any issues I may be facing in my daily life.” -Sierra

She makes every class interesting.
“Charry is such a warm person, always full of smiles. She is so knowledgeable about yoga and meditation. I never get bored in her class. It’s always different. Her guided meditations are so calming. She inspires me to stay peaceful and mindful throughout my day.” -Terri T.

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