Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Columbus

Buckeye City is a great place to stay active. If you call Columbus home, then you’re in luck because there are thousands of awesome fitness classes in your city. Plus, they’re led by a number of exceptional instructors. Columbus ClassPassers recently nominated instructors who inspire, encourage and move them—in and out of the studio.

Here are the top two instructors of 2016 in Columbus. Reserve a class ASAP to see what everyone’s talking about. Then click here to see the winners in other cities

Alessandra Rogers 
Instructor at Cycle614


She’s an all-around gem.
“Inspiring, motivating and  positive in every way she teaches.” – Bridget

She challenges me.
“Alessandra is amazing! I’ve taken spin classes in LA and NYC, and Alessandra brings that same intensity to her class. It’s a dance party on wheels! Her words of encouragement had me pushing myself to the finish.”






Kaitlyn Mackall
Instructor at The Butcher Shop – New Albany


She makes you feel at ease.
“Megaformer classes can be a little intimidating— it’s a strange machine and the classes have a lot of repeat visitors who know what they’re doing. But Kaitlyn made my first visit so relaxed in terms of the machine and movements that I was able to challenge myself right away and get the most out of the workout. Every class since, she always makes sure form is on point so that we’re maximizing the machine’s ability to transform our bodies. And she structures the class and talks you through it in a way that it’s never overwhelming no matter how much your legs are shaking.” -Nick R. 

She strengthens me.
“Always motivating. Exceptional at paying attention to detail. Great playlists. Warm and pleasant to be around. Pushes her students to get the most out of their workout. Believes in your ability to push yourself, even when you think there’s nothing left to give. Very knowledgeable and instructive.” -Thomas R. 

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