Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Boston

Beantown is truly one of the greatest cities to stay active. It doesn’t hurt that there are thousands of fitness classes with incredible instructors in the area. Boston ClassPassers recently nominated exceptional instructors who inspire, encourage and move them.

Here are the top two instructors of 2016 in Boston. Want to see what everyone’s talking about? Reserve a class with these instructors ASAP. Click here to find out what other instructors topped our list. 

Colin Batty
Instructor at Flywheel

Winner for second year in a row!


He has changed my life.
“Everyone in my life knows about Colin. He is not only my favorite spin instructor, but also my unofficial life coach. My family always knows when I had a class with Colin, because I come home in the best mood. He helps me push myself to levels that I didn’t think were possible. I always feel so accomplished after his class. It is so hard as a mom to find time to take a class, but on top of that, when you are there, it is hard not to think about the million things you need to do. Colin keeps you focused and in the moment. He reminds me to set goals and visualize why I’m sitting at that bike. I am so thankful for Colin.” -Allison

He inspires me.
“He always manages to strike just the right balance between sprints and hills, all-out and recovery, challenging and encouraging to get the best rides out of me, even on my worst days. His energy is inspiring, and his pep talks are the best. At this point, I schedule my spin time around his schedule and don’t see that changing any time soon.” – Melanie D. 

His energy is contagious.
“Colin is not just a spin instructor, he is an amazing human. Every class, he brings positive energy, enthusiasm, awesome beats and a great workout/ride lineup. Everyone who takes his class leaves a bit more grounded and motivated. In my former life, I was a competitive athlete on Olympic training squads and have met tons of incredible coaches along the way. Coaches who model healthy, positive attitudes and inspire people to push themselves and grow. But also coaches who, most importantly, love what they do with a contagious energy. Colin is one of them.” -Victoria N. 

Kelly Brabants
Instructor at BFX Studio and Everybody Fights

Winner for second year in a row!


She empowers me.
“I have been attending Kelly’s classes for almost two years now, and every class without fail she shows up with a smile and a positive attitude. I’ve never met a trainer who cares so much about every single person in her classes, and makes pushing yourself to the limit fun and enjoyable. Not only does she want every person to achieve their fitness goals but more than that she empowers them to feel more confident about themselves and their bodies. She is the only person who can get me to smile while doing push ups and burpees.” -Kristen C. 

She pushes me (in a good way).
“Kelly’s energy lights up a room. Not only are her workouts kick ass—I always leave breathless but feeling so energized—but she always pushes you to do that one last push up or the extra burpee. She is the type of instructor who motivates you to do your best because you came for results, not to slack off. She is great about giving corrections so you’re always pushing for 100% of your workout, but she also lets you know that as long as you’re giving all you can, it doesn’t matter if you did six push ups instead of 10. I love her classes and can’t to see more amazing things to come from this lady!” – Janina

She motivates me.
“Kelly has a contagious attitude and personality. No matter how tired I am before class, as soon as I get there she’s extremely motivating, positive, bubbly and happy. It gives me the energy to work harder and push myself throughout the entire class. She has a great personality overall and I love going to her classes!” -Amy E. 

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