Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Austin

Do you call Austin home? If so, do you “Keep Austin Weird” by taking fitness classes around the city? Lucky for you, there are thousands of awesome classes to choose from taught by exceptional instructors. Recently, Austin ClassPassers nominated the instructors who inspire, challenge and move them.

Here are the top two instructors of 2016 in Austin. Make sure you sign up for a class with them, stat. Then click here to see what other instructors topped our list. 

Abigail Ouellet
Instructor at CycFitness


She knows me. 
“I took my first spin class at Cyc with Abigail, and I was blown away by her ability to create this out-of-body experience. She really wants you to get uncomfortable. After class, Abigail came up to me and enthusiastically introduced herself. I started going to her classes regularly, and each time I went she would either come to my bike or give me a shout-out during class. By doing either one of those things during class, I became a better athlete. Before or after class, Abigail and I would catch up. Now, Abigail is more than an instructor to meβ€”she is a friend and role model.” – Larissa P. 

She empowers me.
“Her passion for CycFitness shines through as she teaches. She is the most inspiring person inside and outside of the studio. She can get you through 45 minutes of intense beat-based cycling as well as give you the power to conquer anything you have outside of the studio.” – Elissa S. 

She is passionate.
“She is one of the kindest and most humble human beings I’ve ever met. Everything she does is an act to make the other person feel strong and powerful, and just her presence in the studio alone speaks volumes to me as a rider and motivates me to be a better person because of it.” – Sydney

Melody Afkami
Instructor at Melody Dance Fit


melShe leads by example.
“In every class, she takes time to motivate us and encourage us. Personally, she’s lifted up my spirits many times and she makes me laugh and smile in every class. She’s goofy and although she’s a much better dancer than all of her students, she is not the least bit arrogant. She makes me feel like a powerful woman. She encourages us to be supportive and kind to one another. She gives me the energy to make it through class. She teaches me to be a better dancer, and she’s a great example of a confident, loving woman… and that rubs off on all of us. She makes every class fun and I always look forward to it. And she does all of this with a natural ease that can only come from her heart and because she loves what she does. I’m very thankful for her!” -Natalie M.

She is a gem. 
“She donates a portion of her profit to Dress for Success, and she is all about empowering women. As she likes to say we are “shaking our booties for a cause!” In between songs, she preaches being kind to ourselves and other women. No matter how bad my day is, her energy lifts everyone’s spirits and I get a great sweat in the process.” -Katy M. 

She taught me to love myself.
“Melody’s classes aren’t just about fitness and having fun dancing but there’s also a huge motivational, inspirational, almost spiritual component to them, too. Melody’s message is all about loving yourself, loving and supporting others, not judging yourself or others and owning your fabulous life. After every class, I feel exhilarated physically, mentally and emotionally. She’s by far the most motivating instructor in town!” -Catherine C. 

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