Most Moving Instructors of the Year: Atlanta

Do you live and work out in A-Town? Though there are thousands of fitness instructors in the Big Peach, ClassPassers in Atlanta voted these two were the most moving, inspiring and encouraging teachers. 

Here are the winners of instructors of the year for 2016. Go ahead and sign up for their classes, stat! (And psst: to see a full list of the winners in every ClassPass city, check this out.)

Holly Griffin
Instructor at Exhale – Atlanta


She makes everyone feel at home.
I had never taken a class where I didn’t feel out of place, then I joined Holly’s class. In a world of different-shaped people, where not everyone can bend and move the same way, Holly is very encouraging and helpful. I always feel like I belong in her class no matter what level I may be at. She’s the best.” -Robyn S.

She listens and motivates.
Holly is the best! I wish she taught every day. She is so upbeat and listens to me when I have an injury or need help making modifications in class. She pushes all of her students to the next level. I find her to be a true inspiration and all around shiny person! -Aleisha E.

She makes me want to work out. 
I find motivation to be the most difficult part of a workout and the one instructor who I find to be the most motivating in getting my booty out my front door and into the gym/studio is Holly G. She pushes you to your limit but also motivates throughout, so I always walk out feeling like a superhero when I’m done. I especially love her attention to detail and the personal encouragement she offers throughout. She’s the best of the best! -Liz C. 

Alex Martinez
Instructor at Torq Cycle
Winner For Second Year in a Row! 


He remembers you.
“Alex’s class was one of the first I took in Atlanta. He has perfected a dialog in class that is encouraging yet challenges me to do my personal best, every time. He can always get that extra push out of me by challenging the class to give all they can. It always amazes me how personal he can be with a full class; he consistently remembers peoples’ names and is sure to use them before, after and during class. Even when he isn’t instructing, he’ll be sure to come in the class and make sure that everyone is set up without any questions. This is hands down my favorite studio and instructor in Atlanta. Well done! -John H.

He is so genuine. 
“Alex is unbelievably personal, kind and motivating. He pushes you to do your best for yourself. He makes it a point to develop a personal relationship with every member from their first class. I had given up on being a ‘spin person’ as I enjoy HIIT workouts more, but was encouraged to try Alex’s class before giving up. My friend described Alex as “the best instructor in Atlanta and his class is his favorite.” He is absolutely right! I genuinely look forward to my classes with Alex, and take every opportunity to bring new people to his class.” -Kaylee D.

He has so much energy!
Alex is the little jolt of caffeine that everyone needs at 5:50 a.m. to kickstart a great class and an awesome day. He is always in a good mood and is excited to start class. He takes the time to personally greet almost everyone in class, and if you’re new, he knows your name as soon as you walk in. He motivates me to push a little harder and to challenge myself just a little bit more, and most importantly to keep coming back for more.” -Sarah S.



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