The Workout Moves You Need for Your New Year’s Eve Bash

One of your top resolutions for 2017 may be to work up a sweat on a more regular basis, but why wait until after the bubbly is put away to start burning cals? There aren’t many scientific studies to back this up—yet—but a party can be just the time to step up your workout game. Whether you spend it dipping and dodging your awful ex or carrying Champagne bottles, we guarantee if you get creative you’ll be able to slyly work some healthy moves into your evening without anyone noticing. Read ahead for our favorite under-the-radar exercise moves for your very own rockin’ NYE.

Be the official door opener 


It doesn’t matter if your host lives in a fourth floor walk-up or in a massive house in the suburbs, volunteer to be the official door opener for the bash. Every time someone shows up at the fete, you’ll get a few steps answering the bell and greeting a newcomer. Before you know it, you’ll have hit you 10,000 step goal.

Crazy for kegels


Just because no one is seeing it doesn’t mean you can’t work the muscle. No matter if you’re flying solo that night, or you’re going to be leaving with your sweetie at the end of the night, having your pelvic floor be on point for 2017 certainly can’t hurt. (And if anyone catches you counting under your breath for your exercises, just telling them you’re practicing for midnight.)

Avoid your ex


Whether you just had a less-than-ideal hookup with another reveler at the party, or your longtime ex will be there with her new girlfriend, avoidance can be a great exercise technique. Take a cue from your boxing class and use a slip, or literally tuck and roll, to get away from the big jerk. Other guests will certainly look at your sideways until they realize that you wrote off drama in the new year, and they fully support you.

Start a dance party 


If there’s one thing that watching all the NYE specials over the years has taught us, is that December 31 is a great time to take a stroll down memory lane. Whether you’re reliving your college days when Pitbull performs (again) or you’re feeling some 90s number that reminds you of your middle school days, why not encourage everyone to dance their way into 2017? Make sure that everyone keeps their phones away so your moves don’t end up on Snapchat!

Don’t let annoying comments get to you 


You may be at a club having to fend off skeevy guys asking for your number or contending with your frenemy asking you about your career goals for the coming year, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it dull your sparkle. Channel your most recent yoga class and take some deep breaths while going to your happy place. Five breaths in, five breaths out and you won’t even care about the eighth question about your relationship status!

Mingle the night away

It might be tempting to roll your eyes at the couple making out like crazy under the mistletoe (ugh, really?), but why not try to have fun of your own this NYE? Take a lap around the room to say hi to the cutie who caught your eye, or grab your BFF for a scouting operation. Ten laps around the club is basically a mile, right?

Do a wall sit 


Don’t despair if there aren’t enough chairs at your pal’s place—use it as an opportunity to fire up your thigh muscles by doing a wall sit. Make it into a competition with some other partiers, or just pull up your own “air chair” next to some friends and have a chat. By the time Ryan Seacrest counts into the new year, you’ll be able to bounce a quarter off your backside.

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Kelsey Butler is a reporter and editor living in New Jersey. She has written for health and lifestyle publications including Women's Health and Brides. A proud dog mom of one, you can find her skiing or on the bocce court in her spare time.