Introducing Our Biggest Android App Update, Ever

Your mail app, your photos, Instagram – and ClassPass. Of all the apps you open every single day, you may have noticed something new when you logged into ClassPass from your Android recently.

That’s right: we’re so excited to announce our Android 1.7 launch!

Sure, it has a fresh new look, but there’s way more to it than that. Since on average, ClassPassers log in four times every single day, this update is simplified and tailored to you with tons of new features and updates. Trust us when we say finding, booking and heading to class is about to get easier than ever before.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Welcome Home


Your newest view into your ClassPass is now ‘Home’ in your menu, where you can find what’s most relevant to you (not to mention get a little inspiration, too). Features like ‘Book it Again’ help you rebook the classes you love most. Plus, your recommended classes are better than ever, pulled from where, when and how you like to work out. (No more endless scrolling, everything you probably want is right here, all the time.)

And if you ever open your app and can’t get up the energy to book something (we all have those days!), there’s some extra motivation with welcome greetings and curated class lists to help you get moving.                             

See What’s Upcoming


When you’re rushing from your office, grabbing a train or trying to beat traffic, you want to know exactly where your class is. When you click ‘Upcoming’ in your menu, you will see a map view (plus the address, of course) – and get this – you can even zoom in on the map right from the header. Any other classes you have booked will show up here too, making scheduling, transit planning and getting to class no prob.

Find Your Favorites Faster


Maybe it’s a smaller class size, a difficult workout that makes you feel like a rockstar or a killer playlist that makes you cycle harder, you have favorite studios, and that’s great! When you click on ‘Favorites’ in your menu, you’ll see an improved look. Now it’s easy-peasy to see what classes are available for you book at your most beloved studios.  

Discover Workouts Based On Our Class Collections


Sometimes you’re looking for something that’s hard to filter for. A class that makes you feel challenged? How about a class with some serious zen vibes? Or one for the days when the only thing you crave is a good sweat? Whatever you’re in the mood for, our new curated class collections under the ‘Home’ in your menu will help you discover classes that we’ve curated based on your reviews and our expertise.

(And psst: we’ll be adding new collections, so check back to see what’s new!)

See the Studios Close to You


You’re ready to work up your heart rate before happy hour, but the only thing standing between you and a margarita is finding a class within walking distance. Now, under the ‘Find a class’ in your menu, you can click on ‘Map’ and you’ll see all of the studios within a few blocks of your location showcased in map pins. Now you really have no excuses not to sneak in a class before drinks!

See All Your Stats


Traveling and want to try out ClassPass in another city? Need to remember that instructor’s name whose class you took a week ago and adored? Not sure when your cycle date ends? Or really want to brag to your pals about the number of classes you’ve completed? Now, all of your (impressive, awesome) stats are under your ‘Profile’ section. And when you’re on the go, change your city right below your name to find classes in your new neck of the woods.

Ready to have a look around? Download the latest version to start trying things out.

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