Science Says This Is How Women Are Fitter Than Men

Ladies, get ready:  science now proves that we have more stamina while working out and can go longer than men before calling it quits.

So here’s the deal: men are generally more powerful in the strength category, but women’s muscles tend to be more resistant to fatigue than men’s. This subtle difference allows women to perform physically for a longer duration. 

Sandra Hunter PhD, associate professor of exercise science at Marquette University and study author said, “I may not be able to bench-press the same amount of weight as a big muscle-bound guy, but if you ask us both to perform a contraction at 100% of our maximum strength and sustain it as long as we can, I should be able to outperform him.”

If women are able to exercise longer than men, it obviously raises even more questions about why most fitness studies are done on men and in many cases, don’t even include women. The great thing about Hunter’s research is that she encouraged scientists to make sure they are including women in future work. Yes, girl power!

While we totally get that gender advantages vary depending on what type of class you’re taking, this study now gives the men in our life a little healthy competition.

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