Hip, Hip, Hooray: Cheerleading Is Now Considered An Official Sport

If you’re one of many women who has been a cheerleader at some point in your life, then you know the physical work and dedication that it requires. So much, that it has had many of us rolling our eyes anytime someone says it’s not a “sport.” Well cheerleaders, get excited because The New York Times reported that the board recently voted that cheerleading can now be considered for the Olympics — but there’s a catch.

While cheerleading as a sport got a “yes” vote, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will see it on the roster at the 2018 Olympics (or 2020 for that matter). It means that cheerleading’s governing body, the International Cheer Union, will receive at least $25,000 every year and have the opportunity to apply for additional grants. (Ya, whomp, whomp.)

This recognition period lasts for three years and during that time execs can vote to fully recognize the sport and petition for it to be a part of the Olympics.

Why is this such a lengthy process? It all comes down to making sure that if cheerleading is represented at the Olympics, that it has enough viewers to make it worth it. So get out there and support those cheerleaders!

This is certainly some news to…er…cheer about.

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