Trader Joe’s Recalled One Of Your Refrigerator Staples

We know that you love hummus just as much as we do, so it’s crucial that you know about the recent Trader Joe’s hummus recall. (We know, another one.) Yes, this does follow a similar recall last month from Sabra Dipping Co, so here’s what you need to know.

The recall affects hummus sold in thirty different states in the U.S., and the type to watch out for is 16-ounce tubs of its Mediterranean Hummus or White Bean And Basil Hummus with use-by dates through 12/15/16.

The reason? These tubs of hummus are potentially contaminated with listeria, a bacteria that can cause food-borne illnesses and potentially be fatal. (So ya..we’re happy Trader Joe’s is being safe rather than sorry on this one.) While the illness in more on the uncommon side, symptoms are similar to those of the flu, so be mindful if you have bought this hummus recently.

Check your fridge, friends!

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