The 7 Best Warm Boozy Beverages for Fall

Nothing says fall like crisp weather, sweaters and changing leaves. Nothing, of course, except your favorite warm boozy drink. Whether you’re picnicking in the park with family, playing a game of touch football with your besties or binge watching a Halloween movie marathon, these warm cocktails are just the thing to add to the mix.

Now, just because it’s no longer swimsuit season doesn’t mean it’s time to abandon all pretense of eating (and drinking!) healthy. We’ve narrowed down seven of our favorite heated cocktails that have some hidden health benefit—or at least a healthy ingredient to make you feel better about drinking them. Cheers to that.

Mulled wine

Not only does Ina Garten know what’s up when it comes to put on the dinner table, she also knows what should be in your cup. This recipe combines apple cider, red wine, cinnamon sticks and anise, which has strong antioxidant properties, in a saucepan for just a few minutes. After bringing the concoction to a boil, pour into separate mugs and add a garnish like an orange peel. The drink is instantly fancy, even if you’re just sitting on your couch watching Hocus Pocus for the 12th time.

Hot toddy

No warm cocktail list would be complete without a hot toddy mention. This drink is the O.G. of heated boozy beverages. The drink, which is low calorie, has been long-believed to have curative powers. Skip the chicken soup and make yourself one of these the next time you have a cold, and by the next day you’ll have some pep in your step.


Harry Potter fans are surely familiar with this fictional (and potentially magical) concoction. To make your own version, combine pumpkin beer and a small amount of butterscotch sauce in a saucepan at medium heat. Keep whisking the mixture until it comes to a boil. Though you’re likely not getting much of it in this recipe, pumpkin is known to boost heart health and improve eyesight. Between this, your daily PSL and your mom’s pumpkin pie, you’re golden this season.

Irish coffee

This oldie but goodie is super easy to make. Coffee + whiskey = pure deliciousness. Grab one during a frigid day cheering on your favorite football team to warm you up, or make one at home if you’re curling up with a good book. Want something a bit more luxurious? Garnish with nutmeg, which is known to soothe digestion.


Get a jumpstart on the holiday season with this end-of-the-year classic. (Ugly sweater not required.) Though there are tons of ways to go about making it (yes, we know your mom’s is the best), this is an easy recipe. You can again top the beverage with nutmeg which also boasts detoxification characteristics and is thought to improve skin health.

Nutmeg is also thought to have pain-relieving properties and can help with injuries, strains, or joint pain. Not to mention that you’ll probably be feeling no pain, depending on how much bourbon you put in your cocktail. #nojudgment

Cider and rum punch 

If you’re on the hunt for a crowd pleasing party cocktail, look no further. Grab a large pot and combine apple cider, orange and apple slices, cinnamon sticks and ginger and bring the mixture to a boil. After letting it cook for a few minutes, keep it over a low flame for up to two hours, then stir in the rum. Serve in a punch bowl–it will be gone five minutes after putting it out, and any guests that you have over will be begging you for the recipe.

Added bonus? Ginger is known to nix any digestive problems, so it won’t even matter if you overdid it on not-so-good for you foods.

Hot buttered rum

It’s little surprise that a cocktail that counts ice cream and butter as ingredients is delicious. On the other hand, the amount that actually makes its way into the cocktail is small, so you get a hit of the sweetness and richness without as many calories as you’d expect.

And among its ingredients is cinnamon, which can help lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risks and has anti-inflammatory properties. Bottoms up!

Kelsey Butler is a reporter and editor living in New Jersey. She has written for health and lifestyle publications including Women's Health and Brides. A proud dog mom of one, you can find her skiing or on the bocce court in her spare time.