This New App Can Tell You How Many Calories You’re Eating With A Photo

Just point and snap.

During life’s quest to stay balanced, we spend a fair amount of time reading nutrition labels and counting those calories. But what if there was something to take the guesswork out of say…that dinner you ate out last night at the new restraint on your block? Mystery solved! There is now an app that will tell you just how many calories you’re eating simply by snapping a picture.

Get your camera ready. The app, Lose It (available for both apple and android) has a new feature called “Snap It,” which is still in beta but ready to rock your world.  

How it works: you snap your picture and then Lose It takes some guesses as to what the food is. You choose what is most accurate (sometimes filling in a few extra details) and just like magic, the food’s calorie count gets added to your log for the day.

While the app has been reported to need some work, this kinks are getting worked out over time. We’re just in awe of all the time it will save us.

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