Try One Of These Tech-Inspired Australian Classes

If you’re anything like us, technology makes your world go ’round. And there’s never been a better time to enhance your workout with innovation infiltration pumping through our fitness veins! So here’s the lowdown on how to amp up your workout using the latest and greatest technology:

Let your heart rate be your guide

Have you ever been bummed out about a mediocre workout? Thankfully, that is basically forbidden at studios like 38X in Manly, Sydney, Fast Twitch Australia in Adelaide and Yoga XTC in South Yarra, Melbourne.

Your trainer will keep you accountable with a heart-rate monitor and digital technology to help you train to your max potential, challenge you when needed and give you rest at the optimal moment. A killer way to measure your performance, set goals and push beyond your limits.

Enhance your workout with visual experience

Some innovation disrupts traditional workouts. But other technology allows you to get more out of your exercise experience.

Fancy taking a ride through Mexico, the French Alps, the streets of Dubai, or around Italy? ScenicCycle in Sydney’s CBD and Manly, or Ergo Fitness in Adelaide, will transport you to an amazing destination. This is a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life, all while getting in a workout! Capri for lunch? See you there!

If yoga’s your deal, try studios like Urban Yoga in Surry Hills or Bodhi & Ride in Port Melbourne to experience modern flow yoga with screen projection and choreographed music. Like Scenic, you will be transported to another world, and this whole body experience will have you feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated all in one.

Let your equipment take you to the next level

There are machines, and then there are mega-machines. In our minds, the Megaformer falls into the latter category because it will give a MEGA workout. Whether you’re in Sydney or Perth, try  Physicore or LaFit respectively for the signature Megaformer workout. Get ready for a total body burner that will get you hooked (and be ready to keep on shaking for hours afterwards).

Chase those sound bytes

There’s nothing more fun than a class with an incredible sound system. Plus a focal point on music will get you through the sweatiest of moments. Try Yo! Yoga in Brisbane for a flow class mixed with jammin’ hip hop beats!

If you love cycle, you seriously haven’t lived until you’ve rocked out to Beyonce at KX Cycle in Richmond Melbourne or moon-biked to Michael Jackson with Inspire Cycle in Teneriffe. If classic rock tracks from the likes of the Foo Fighters make you cycle harder, check out Cycle Collective in Richmond, Melbourne. Expect a simultaneous karaoke session and killer workout!

Erin is the Partner Success manager (Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane) for ClassPass. She's also a yoga teacher, surfer and DJ who has spent many years traversing the Australian fitness terrain. She's passionate about living your best life and she loves to see people crush their goals and achieve their dreams. Follow Erin's adventures on Instagram.