Yep, Practicing Yoga On a Horse is a Thing Now

Move over goga (ahem goat yoga!), there is a new kind of yoga that will take your flow to a whole new level. Horse yoga is here and it’s all about connecting with nature and putting your balancing skills to the ultimate test.

Unlike other forms of yoga that involve animals (goats, cats and dogs) roaming around you while you’re practicing your vinyasa, horse yoga involves the horse in each pose. Oh yeah – in order to master this class you will need to get on the horse’s back (giving a whole new meaning to the yoga “back bend”) – making you a total badass.

You will have to hop on a plane to try out this practice though, as it is currently offered at La Donaira, a luxury hotel in Spain. They have a farm as part of the resort that houses 70 purebred Lusitano (known as the best-of-the-best in the horse world) that are used for the yoga classes.

Worried that horse yoga might be a little too advanced for you? The hotel’s CEO shared, “Whatever level you’re at [with your yoga practice], the relation you have when you’re in silence with the horse, when you breathe together and touch the animal… it’s amazing.”

Would you try it? Yay or neigh? 

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