This New Fitness Device Lets You Push a Button And Get Help ASAP

It seems like we turn on the news lately and are hearing about some type of attack at least once a week. (Ahem, Gigi Hadid) We want to be active and fit in our runs in whenever we can, but sometimes that happens to be early morning or late at night – the times of day when we might feel most unsafe.

Good news though? The new company, Revolar is giving us our power back.

Company founder and CEO, Jacqueline Ros, developed this innovative wearable after her sister was attacked as a teenager. In fact, she was attacked twice before the age of 17. (Talk about scary.) Jacqueline found herself wishing that she sister had just been able to press a button for help, and the idea stuck.

How does it work?

Revolar can be attached to your key chain (or anything else that you are wearing) and connects to an app, sending an active GPS tracking link to specified emergency contacts when pushed. It sends out two levels of alerts: red and yellow, which you are able to set to mean different things.

We love how this totally takes the worry out of trying to be discreet if you feel threatened and should be within everyone’s grasp. You can pick one up for yourself at Best Buy for $99.  

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