Wow, This is What the FDA is Doing to Encourage More Healthy Foods

Give a nod if you have ever been coaxed into buying a new item at the grocery store because of a misleading food label, only to find out later it’s not as healthy as you thought? This seems to be happening way more than we would like and the FDA completely agrees.

Yup, big changes are happening over at the FDA that have us grinning from ear to ear.

No longer will brands be able to slap things like “cholesterol-free” or “gluten-free” on their boxes if the product is already naturally that way. Gone are the days of deceptive food labels, hello clarification at the grocery store.

The FDA made a statement this week that they are basically redefining the term “healthy” as a way to encourage healthier food in the industry across the board. This decision came about because public health recommendations on nutrients have changed and the word “healthy” needs to reflect that.

Their biggest concern? Fat.

In order for companies to use the word “healthy,” their product must be low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, and have certain amounts of vitamins and minerals. Interesting enough, this means a sugary cereal could be branded healthy, but a bag of raw almonds could not.
Just keep in mind though, it took the FDA six years to make a final ruling on gluten-free items, so don’t expect to see these changes overnight.

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