If You Hate Carrying A Water Bottle Everywhere, You Need This Purse

We all know the feeling that a new handbag can give us – it’s almost as if we are on a fashion high. But this purse? It changes our shopping game completely! The Conway from the new fashion brand, SMITH & STARR keeps us both hydrated and looking good.

Yup, it’s totally worthy of your Instagram feed.  

The cold hard facts? Seventy five percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated (and sometimes we don’t even know it). Hydration plays a key role in the overall function of our body and health.

So what’s a fashionista to do? Combine their love for fashion and staying healthy, of course!

And that’s exactly what the company, SMITH & STARR did. This innovative handbag will not only help you rock your fall wardrobe, but it cuts back on our huge water bottle expenses (buh-bye $5 a pop) and helps reduce the 1.5 million tons of waste produced annually by these plastic bottles.

Pretty awesome if you ask us! Stay hydrated in style and back The Conway’s Kickstarter campaign here.

Photo Credit: Smith & Starr 

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