This School Traded Detention For Meditation And This Happened

Let’s face it – a whole day of sitting and learning can be tough on kids, causing them to act out (and test their teacher’s patience time and time again). But what good is sending kids to the principal’s office or detention doing? None at all. This Baltimore school is switching things up and replacing detention with meditation – and the results are absolutely stunning.

Robert W. Coleman Elementary School has the ultimate trick up their sleeve when it comes to getting kids to calm down and get themselves back on track. It’s called the “Mindful Moment Room” and it’s pretty awesome. The room itself is filled with plush purple pillows, lamps and decorations, and serves as a place for kids to re-center themselves and talk through whatever situation they would otherwise be disciplined for.

Why meditation?

Studies have shown that it helps to improve focus and attention spans, something that kid need help with during long school days. Teaching them this skill at a young age gives them a “mental armor” of sorts – a tool to help them navigate the world more peacefully.

The mediation room was created with the school in partnership with The Holistic Life Foundation, that also offers after school programs for the kids, too. The amazing outcome of the Mindful Meditation Room has yielded zero suspensions last year and so far, this school year.

Wow. Just wow.

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