You Guys: There is an Adult Pizza Camp This Weekend

Does the perfect crispy crust with melted mozzarella goodness haunt your dreams at night? If so, you might have a pizza addiction. Thankfully, there is now a place to unleash your pizza obsession. It’s called Pizza Camp and it’s pretty ‘effing awesome.

Founded in 2014 by the Minneapolis Pizza Club (ya, we’re not sure how it took two years to be on our radar either), taking place at the Baker Near-Wilderness Settlement in Maple Plain, MN. Uh, Minneapolis road trip anyone?

Pizza Camp includes lots and lots of eating pizza (duh), camp-style programs like archery and canoeing led by a ranger, swag, music and beer. (Obviously this is for the over 21 and over crowd only.)

So, who’s ready to conquer Pizza Camp with us? Grab a slice and let’s go!

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