Christian Siriano Turns Heads During NYFW For An Empowering Reason

There is pretty much nothing better during New York Fashion Week than to see models walk the runway who aren’t stick thin, but look like actual everyday women. Am I right? Designer Christian Siriano took note of this and produced a completely body inclusive show – sending models down the catwalk in all shapes and sizes, part of his “Isle of Capri” theme.

Seriously, Siriano deserves a round of applause for promoting body positivity and acceptance in a powerful, very public way. 

While yes, he definitely gave fashion editors worldwide something to chat about (beyond the gorgeous clothes), there is something to say about a fashion show (during NYFW, nonetheless) that celebrates a woman’s curves.

Siriano recently dressed ‘Ghostbusters’ star Leslie Jones, who complained to him that no designers would dress her curvy figure. It’s no surprise that he took note and as per usual, did something innovative to make a positive change.

Who were the five full-figured models in the show? Precious Lee, Marquita Pring, Alessandra Garcia Lorido, Georgia Pratt and Sabina Karlsson. Remember those names, because we predict this will most certainly not be the last we hear of them.

Photo Cred: Kate Warren for The Washington Post

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