5 Myths About The Body-Positivity Movement

There are no “new” bodies. You’ve seen the headlines, you’ve shared the articles and you’ve thought about it yourself: what does it mean to be body-positive? In general terms, body-positivity is about celebrating your body, your best friend’s and well, everyone’s. While not a new idea, the movement aims to promote self-love and less shaming, especially on social media.  But what often gets lost in the noise is what it actually means to be body-positive.  Jennifer L. Silvershein, LMSW, a New York City-based therapist who specializes in psychotherapy for adults who suffer from anxiety, depression, and eating disorders gets real about what body-positivity is and what it’s definitely not.  1- Myth: A ‘body positive’ attitude is tied to an achievement We can work to achieve an attitude of acceptance (and, better, an attitude of appreciation), but this is different than efforts to gain or lose weight. These shouldn’t be tied, because an attitude shouldn’t be contingent on the external—it’s about the internal. As an exercise, consider what it “means” to gain or lose weight. Does a difference of five pounds … Continue reading 5 Myths About The Body-Positivity Movement